2017 Tuition Rates

Effective January 2, 2017
Hours: 6:15 AM-5:30 PM daily Monday thru Friday
There is not a charge for over 40 hours per week.

Tuition is due by each Friday prior to the week of care.

INFANTS: (6 weeks thru approx 13 months)
2 Days                                          3 Days                                    4 Days                            5 Days

128.00 per week                   159.00 per week                     189.00 per week              210.00 per week

TWEENY: (13 months and walking)
TODDLER I and II: (24 months and up)
2 Days                                          3 Days                                   4 Days                                 5 Days
120.00 per week                    151.00 per week                    181.00 per week                204.00 per week

*When a child turns 3 years, is in the Toddler II Classroom and potty trained the tuition rate will change to the Three Years thru PreK tuition rate.

5 Full Days                                                                                                                   189.00/week
(5 hours or more per day)                                                                                              37.80/day
*Minimum charge of 2 days                                                                                         818.37/month
5 Half Days 123.00/week
(Less than 5 hours per day)                                                                                          24.60/day
*Minimum charge of 3 days                                                                                        532.59/month
5 Full Days                                                                                                                189.00/week
(5 hours or more per day)                                                                                           37.80/day
*Minimum charge of 2 days 818.37/month
5 Half Days                                                                                                               123.00/week
(2 ½ to 5 hours per day)                                                                                             24.60/day
*Minimum charge of 3 days                                                                                      532.59/month
5 Quarter Days                                                                                                           53.00/week
(0 to 2 ½ hours per day)                                                                                             10.60/day
*Minimum charge of 3 days                                                                                      229.49/month
TWO DAY NURSERY SCHOOL: 2016-2017 Fall Session
Three Year Olds Tuesday & Thursday                                                                       37.00/week
9:00 AM-12:30 PM (lunch provided)                                                                                    160.21/month
THREE DAY NURSERY SCHOOL: 2016-2017 Fall Session
Four/Five Year Olds Monday, Wednesday, Friday                                                 56.00/week
9:00 AM-12:30 PM (lunch provided) 242.48/month
(No charge for early dismissals/delays if you are a weekly contracting parent)
First thru Sixth Grade Before OR After School Only                                                9.75/day
(includes breakfast or snack)                                                                                  48.75/week
*Minimum charge of 2 days
Before AND After School                                                                                       19.00/day
(Includes breakfast and snack)                                                                              95.00/week
*Minimum charge of 2 days
In-Service Days,Holidays & Snow Days                                                                 30.00/day
(Includes breakfast, lunch and snack)
Half Days (Less than 5 hours per day)                                                                  21.00/day
Summer School Age Program Completed 1st Grade through Completed 6th Grade
Full Days                                                                                                             36.00 a day for 2 to 4 days
(5 hours or more per day)                                                                                  173.00 for 5 days
*Minimum charge of 2 days per week
Half Days                                                                                                            23.80/day
(Less than 5 hours per day) 119.00/week
*Minimum charge of 3 days per week

Multi Child Discount: 20% discount for the second child, 30% discount for the third child. Any additional children will be granted the 30% discount. Discount is given to the lowest tuition rate.

Late pick up charge: for the first three times a child is picked up late a $10.00 additional fee will be charged for each 10 minutes or portion there of. The fourth late pick up is subject to a $20.00 additional fee for each 10 minutes or portion there of, (January-December). The late pick up fee is per child not per family.

Enrollment Fee: $35.00 per family will be charged annually.

Vacation Policy: New enrolled families may receive vacation after being enrolled for 90 days; 1 week may be taken January – June, and 1 week July-December. Children of families who are enrolled year round, January-December, and their siblings are permitted 2 weeks vacation of their contracted hours, without charge. Families who are not enrolled year round (Nursery School, Summer Program etc.), are not eligible for vacation, your contracted tuition rate will be expected. Vacation is defined as times when the child is not attending Kinder-Haus. Vacation notification must be in writing to the office before taking a scheduled vacation or the vacation will not be accepted.

An enrolled student is defined as a student whose parent/legal guardian has contracted with Kinder-Haus for a weekly schedule and tuition payment. This does not include a student who are here only on in-service, early dismissal, snow days etc. A legal guardian is defined as someone who undertakes legal custody of the person and property of someone unable to look after themselves…

Any family that needs to disenroll from Kinder-Haus is required to give a two week written notice to the Kinder-Haus office.


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