Welcome to the Before & After School Class!

homework In the Before & After School class, your child will experience:

  • Breakfast between 7:30am and 8:00am
  • Morning devotions
  • After school snack time
  • Homework opportunities
Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome back!  I hope that each one of you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer!  My name is Mrs. Colleen Davies and I will be the lead teacher for the Before & After School Room for the 2018-2019 school year.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your child/children.
If your child will be eating breakfast at Kinder-Haus it will be served at 7:15 am and will end at 7:45 am.
Please make sure you child/children have had breakfast if they will be arriving after 7:45 am.  The bus schedule will be: Blue Ball, bus #1 will be departing Kinder-Haus at 8:30 am and New Holland, bus #3 will be departing Kinder-Haus at 8:40 am. (This may change slightly once the school year starts)
When the children return after school they will have the opportunity to begin their homework.  I am not responsible to make sure your child’s homework is complete.  I will however provide them the time and any support they may need to begin their homework, in an effort to make it easier after they arrive home from Kinder-Haus.  Those that may not have homework, can read quietly while the others do their work.  Once homework time is over we will have free play until the end of the day.
  I am looking forward to building a relationship with each child this year.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet and interact with your child/children this year.  See everyone on Monday, August 27, 2018!
Thank you
Mrs. Colleen Davies
Fall Schedule 2018-2019 Mornings
6:15 AM         Children are in Room #9/12
7:15 AM         Breakfast
8:00 AM         Devotions
8:20 AM         Get ready for the bus, Group activity
8:25 AM         Blue Ball School Bus #1 picks up children
8:40 AM         New Holland School Bus # 3 picks up children
3:40 PM          New Holland bus arrives
3:40 PM          Blue Ball bus arrives
4:00 PM          Snack time
4:15 PM          Homework time begins
4:45 PM          Gym time, outside play, craft, free play or game time (Finish homework if desired)
5:30 PM          Kinder-Haus Closes
**Schedule may need to be adjusted once the school year begins**