What to Expect

What can you expect when you come to a Sunday Morning Worship Gathering?


Come as you are! Which means there are all kinds of people dressed in all kinds of ways! It’s mostly pretty casual. Feel free to wear whatever you have whether it’s jeans and T-shirts, dresses, shorts, dress pants and ties, khakis and polos, or whatever. It’s what’s on the inside that matters. 


As you enter the parking lot you’ll see the main entrance on the far right side of the building. As you enter the front doors, you will be greeted by friendly people welcoming you to church. If you let them know it’s your first visit to NH Naz, they will help you find whatever you need; restrooms, child care, or your way to the worship gathering. But if you just want to slip in, our worship space is straight ahead. There is a welcome center right inside the main doors that can provide you with whatever information you’re looking for.

Worship Gathering

The Worship time generally consists of music, prayer, preaching and a time to respond to what we heard. 

Music – The music is usually interactive. In other words, everyone is invited to sing along together. The words are shown on a screen up front. You don’t have to sing out loud if you don’t want to, but we find (once you’re comfortable) it’s meaningful to participate. The style of the songs we sing together will probably remind you of something you would hear on an adult contemporary radio station. The lyrics might be a contemporary expression of praise to God, a centuries old song of the church, or from ancient writings about God. Sometimes the music is presented from performers on the platform for you to enjoy and to think about God. We hope you will sense God’s presence as we worship together.

Prayer – Our prayer times vary in style and purpose. Occasionally, participants are directed to sit, stand, kneel or whatever they feel best helps them to experience God. But most of the time people remain in their seats while someone will lead as the rest of us follow along in our hearts and minds. Other times the prayer time is completely silent for each participant to reflect on their own. We like there to be a real freedom while maintaining a sense of order.

Preaching – Each week someone will teach from God’s Word. We try to think about how God’s Word applies to our lives. Sometimes we watch a video, look at pictures, use interactive exercises, or invite people share their own story about how God is real to them. The main emphasis is on how we respond to God’s Word. Sometimes we respond in a time of prayer, with a song, or by participating in communion.

For Everyone – Make no mistake, our Worship gatherings are all about Christ and are focused on Him. But we hope no matter where you are in relationship to Jesus, you’ll come and enjoy experiencing God’s presence with us. We hope you connect both to God through worship and to others as you meet us here each week.


Each Service varies in length as well as content and feel. However, most Sunday’s the services range from 75 – 85 minutes long.


There is a cafe located at the corner of the building closest to the driveway entrance. On Sunday Morning’s there is free coffee as well as pastries and other drinks provided for a small fee. if you identify yourself as a first time guest it would be our pleasure to offer you a FREE donut and drink. It’s also a great place to mingle with others and hangout for a while. It is available all morning, but the snacks are provided from 8:30am until 10:45am.

Children and Youth Ministry

There are also special age group ministries going on during the Sunday morning gatherings. Please let the staff at the welcome center in the foyer know that you have kids or teens and they will let you know what is offered. Of course, kids and teens are welcome to stay with their parents OR go to the age group ministries, whichever makes you more comfortable.
Search through the pull down menus above for more information.