The Worship Choir is open to everyone and is a vital part of the Worship Department. The Choir is a close-knit group of people who have a lot of fun together and readily welcome newcomers.  The Choir truly is a place for singers of all levels and abilities, with many opportunities to sing solos, duets and trios. The Choir’s musical style compliments the church’s contemporary worship style. They’ve done music by the Brooklyn Tabernacle, Christ Church Choir, the Prestonwood Choir, Travis Cottrell and Geron Davis. 
The members of the Choir are constantly challenged with new music. On Sunday mornings, the Choir is instrumental in facilitating and energizing our worship services.  They not only sing along with the worship team, but also prepare songs each week to sing as special music. They are a vital aspect of corporate worship at NH Naz. The Choir also presents musicals each year. These vary from Christmas dramas and cantatas to concerts held at local campgrounds. Each ministry opportunity is considered to be an open door for outreach and is truly a team effort. Many lives are impacted for Christ through the worship ministry of the choir.