When a child enrolls at Kinder-Haus, parents and the director work carefully to place the child in the classroom where his or her needs will be met and where he or she will be encouraged and challenged to learn and grow.
Many times, a child’s ideal placement is in the class with children of the same age. There may be times, too, when a child will be placed in a classroom with younger children until he or she is developmentally, socially, and physically prepared to be with peers. In these cases, the child is observed closely, and he or she is moved to the age-appropriate classroom as soon as possible.
Many children will remain in the same classroom for the entire school year; others may move to the next room during the year. Moving to the next classroom may be initiated by parents, teachers, or administrative staff; all three must agree that it is in the best interest of the child to move to the next class before he or she is officially moved.
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