Welcome to Cuddle Corner!


In Cuddle Corner We Provide the Following:
~  Rice Cereal (at 6 months or developmentally ready)
~  Vegetables (at 6 months or developmentally ready)
~   Fruits (at 6 months or developmentally ready)
~  Gerber Nourish Plus
~  Cheerios & other simple snacks
~  Bowls, spoons, sippy cups
~  Bibs
~  Diaper Wipes
Please bring the following  items:
~  Receiving blankets, sheet
~  Two changes of clothing including extra socks
~  Diapers
~  Bottles with lids, formula
~  Jacket and hat for going outside
    ** Please make sure your child’s name or initials are on everything**

At Kinder-Haus, we understand the strong bond that exists between parent and child and that leaving your infant in someone else’s care while you work can be extremely difficult. To help with this sometimes difficult transition, parents are welcome and encouraged to call Cuddle Corner directly throughout the day at 717-355-7803. Young infants eat and sleep on demand, unless otherwise instructed by parents. When your child is 12-13 months old, we begin introducing the Tweeny class schedule (lunch at 11:30, followed by an afternoon nap). 


In Cuddle Corner, your child will experience:

Play time in exercise saucers
Tummy time and playful interaction with others in our secured         play         area.  
Playful interaction with others
Walks in strollers
Age-appropriate arts & crafts 
Outside play (weather permitting)
Self directed activites
Reading books and singing songs