Welcome to Cuddle Corner!


In Cuddle Corner, your child will experience:

  • Play time in exercise saucers
  • Tummy time and playful interaction with others     in our secured play area.  
  • Walks in strollers
  • Outside play (weather permitting)
  • Self directed activites
  • Reading books and singing songs


Fall Cuddle Corner 2019/2020
Dear Cuddle Corner Parents,
    As the end of the summer nears, we are beginning to plan for our fall program.  Our fall program will start on Monday, August 26.  As always, Cuddle Corner has an open door policy.  You may call us at 355-7803 anytime with questions or concerns, or drop in to rock, nurse or feed your child.  Please keep us up to date on your child’s feeding and sleep schedules.  We are interested in any changes so that we can work together to meet his/her needs. The office must be notified of any schedule changes as soon as possible.  Please call us if your child is ill and will not be in on a scheduled day.  This is very important so we can properly staff our infant room.  One child can change our staffing needs. The state requires health assessments at 2, 4, 6, 9, & 12 months of age, you will find a form in your child’s bin several weeks before it is due.  Have the doctor complete it and then return it to us.  You will also receive a non-prescription medication form at this time.  We need written information from the doctor in order to give any over the counter medicine (Tylenol, Motrin, liquid decongestant, cough medicine, gas drops and Orajel) because dosage amounts changes this form will need to be updated regularly. If you bring medicine for your child it must be in the original container and must be placed in the medicine bin on the self above the kitchen sink.  At no time should any medicine be left in a diaper bag hanging on the child’s coat hook.  Please take all medicine home with you every night. Also please read the back of this letter at the sickness policies for Cuddle Corner, these policies are also explained in our handbook. As you can see by our monthly calendar we have plenty of activities to enable your child to have fun while learning.  We strive to meet your child’s individual needs and will provide care for your child in a positive, loving way.
The Cuddle Corner Staff


Your child will be sent home if he/she has a fever of 101 degrees or more.  If your child is sent home with a fever, he/she may not return to day care until the fever is below 101 degrees for 24 hours without the use of fever reducer medicine.  For example, if your child is sent home at 11:00 AM Monday for a fever of 101 degrees, your child may not return to day care on Tuesday.  In fact, if a fever reducer medicine is administered to bring the fever down, your child’s 24 hour absence from day care does not begin until fever reducer medicine administration is stopped.   Fever reducer medicine will relieve pain, lower fever, and help to comfort your child, however it will not cure a contagious infection.  Fevers in babies may be very serious.  Our policies and state regulations are constructed to protect your child’s health.   If your child has a scheduled Doctor’s appointment later on in the day for illness and your child is brought to day care, others are unnecessarily exposed and your child is at greater risk because his/her resistance is down.
Your child will be sent home if he/she has two instances of diarrhea.  If your child has had diarrhea during the night, please keep him/her at home as this is passed easily among children and their families.
Your child will be sent home if he/she has two or more instances of vomiting with or without a fever.  If your child has been vomiting during the night, please keep him/her at home as this is passed easily among children and families.
  If your child is seen by a Doctor please be sure to bring back a note from the Doctor’s office allowing your child to return to day care.  This note must be specific, giving your child’s name, the day your child was seen by the doctor, and the date your child may return to day care.  If your child was sent home with symptoms of a communicable disease (pink eye, conjunctivitis, impetigo, etc.) a Doctor’s note or a 24 hour absence is a requirement for your child to return.
In Cuddle Corner We Provide the Following:
~  Rice Cereal (at 6 months or developmentally ready)
~  Vegetables (at 6 months or developmentally ready)
~   Fruits (at 6 months or developmentally ready)
~  Gerber Nourish Plus
~  Cheerios & other simple snacks
~  Bowls, spoons, sippy cups
~  Bibs
~  Diaper Wipes
Please bring the following  items:
~  Receiving blankets, sheet
~  Two changes of clothing including extra socks
~  Diapers
~  Bottles with lids, formula
~  Jacket and hat for going outside
    ** Please make sure your child’s name or initials are on everything**