Pre-K A Daily Schedule
6:15-8:00-                      OpeningRoom 13/14: Freeplay
8:00-8:30-                     Breakfast in Room 13/14
8:30-9:00-                     Free Play in Pre-K A Room
9:00-9:25-                      Circle Time: Jobs, Calendar, Weather, Pledge, & Devotions
9:25-9:35-                      Bathrooms and Sign-In
9:35-10:00-                    Literacy Time
10:00-10:20-                  Gross Motor: Playground or Gym
10:20-10:30-                  Bathrooms and Drinks
10:30-11:10-                   Center Time: Creative, Math, Literacy, Language & Science
11:10-11:20-                    Math Lesson
11:20-11:30-                   Washing Hands for Lunch
11:30-12:15-                   Lunch
12:15-12:30-                   Prepare for Nap and Bathrooms
12:30-2:30-                    Naptime or Non-Nap Room
2:30-3:00-                     Bathrooms and Snack
3:00-4:00-                     Gross Motor: Playground or Gym
4:00-5:30-                     Closing Room 13/14: Freeplay

Pre-K A Objectives     Cognitive:

  • Reconizes own name, begins to learn address and phone number
  • Asks when, how, and why questions, answers questions, uses language to covey ideas
  • Understands and verbalizes daily routine and rules. Handles transitions
  • Follows two to three unrelated directions in proper order. Understands basic comcepts
  • Listens to and recalls details in stories, Names familiar pictures and tells action
  • Repeats finger plays, rhythmic activities and songs.
  • Copies shapes. Identifies and classifies shapes, colors and size. Matches like objects.
  • Counts 1 to ? and recognizes 1-10 and beyond. Recities and recognizes alphabet.
  • Tells in sequence. Recalls past events.
  • Uses all materials: scissors, crayons, paintbrush, etc. Draws, names and describes.

Social ~ Emotional:

  • Epresses wants and needs. Controls behavior.  Responds well to verbal discipline.
  • Respects property of others and his or her own.
  • Occupies self. Initates own play or activity.  Joins in positive play with others.


  • Shows good health.
  • Knows left from right.
  • Runs, climbs, swings, and begins to skip.
  • Participates willingly in Gross motor activities.


  • Knows God loves him or her.
  • Knows God created everything.
  • Understands why we pray.
  • Learns about life of Jesus and other important people in the Bible.


  • Takes care of toileting needs.
  • Eats with little assistance.
  • Able to put on/fasten and unfasten/take off coat.
  • Cares for personal possessions.
  • Helps clean up after play and meals.