Meet Our Teachers and Staff

Kim Weller
Kim graduated from York College of PA in 1988 with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in music. Kim has over 35 years’ experience working with children as a public school 3rd grade teacher, private school music teacher, preschool teacher, daycare director, and private piano teacher. She worked at Kinder-Haus from 1998 – 2012, including directing the school from 2004 – 2012; she returned as the Kinder-Haus director in January 2019. In her spare time, Kim enjoys cooking, traveling, playing games, and playing the piano. Kim lives in New Holland with her husband, Steve; they are parents to six grown children and grandparents to three little girls. Kim enjoys leading the Kinder-Haus musical programs; she also enjoys reading books with children.
Tammy Lieb
Office Administrator
Tammy has her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education; of the 22 years that she has worked in the early childhood education field, 19 of those years have been at Kinder-Haus! Tammy enjoys watching the children grow and change every day. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.


Deb Henderson
Administrative Assistant
Deb has served as the Administrative Assistant at Kinder-Haus for 32 years! While Deb doesn’t work with the children on a regular basis, she does “fill in” occasionally when there is a need in a classroom. In addition, the children know they can always get a wave from Deb as they pass her window. Deb enjoys going out to eat, traveling, and spending time with family.
Christy Haines
Office Assistant
Christy joined the Kinder-Haus team in June, 2019 as a classroom assistant and became the office assistant and supervisor in December, 2019. Christy earned two Bachelor’s Degrees ~ one in Intercultural Studies and one in Biblical Studies. Christy enjoys watching children grow and especially likes seeing smiles on the children’s faces when they share a story or hug with her!
Lauren Beer
4th-6th Lead Teacher
Lauren joined the Kinder-Haus staff in March, 2020. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Children and Family Ministry from Lancaster Bible College and served as a Children’s Ministry director for 11 years. Lauren appreciates how children help her see the world through innocent eyes. She also loves how smart and funny children can be! When she isn’t working, Lauren enjoys singing, playing her djembe, taking road trips, and being with her husband and children.
Courtney Madenford
Fireflies Lead Teacher
Courtney has worked at Kinder-Haus for almost 9 years and has been the 3’s Class Lead Teacher for 4 years. She graduated from Berks Technical Institute with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Courtney enjoys seeing the children’s smiles and also finds reward in watching them learn every day. Courtney is happily married and has one son. She enjoys camping, shopping, and spending time with her family.
Patti Martin
Patti worked in the Kinder-Haus kitchen several years ago before taking some time off to be a stay-at-home mom. She returned in 2013 and has been here since (for a total of approximately 13 years). Patti is ServeSafe certified and enjoys cooking for the children and staff. In Patti’s free time, she enjoys scrapbooking and spending time with family, especially her grandkids!


Amy Arment
Ladybugs Classroom Assistant
While this is Amy’s second year working at Kinder-Haus, she has over 20 years’ experience teaching infants through college students and professional development for adults. Amy earned a dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary and Kindergarten Education from Penn State University and has taken graduate courses toward becoming a reading and literacy specialist at Eastern Mennonite University. When asked what she loves most about children, Amy’s response was, “…their curiosity, imagination, and joie de vivre!” When not working, Amy enjoys cooking and hiking with her golden retriever, Brandie.
Hunter Boley
Bizzy Bees Lead Teacher
Hunter began her early childhood education career at Kinder-Haus 5 years ago. She studied early childhood education at the CTC and graduated in 2015 and is pursuing her Infant/Toddler CDA. Hunter finds it especially rewarding to see the excitement in the children’s faces when they learn something new. She enjoys getting to know the children as individuals and watching them grow! When she isn’t working, Hunter enjoys spending time with her boys and going to the mountains.
Danyelle Brungart
Caterpillars Lead Teacher
Danyelle earned her Infant/Toddler CDA and has worked in the early childhood education for 18 years and has spent 15 of those years at Kinder-Haus! She enjoys watching children grow and meet new developmental milestones; she also enjoys seeing the excitement on their faces when they try something new. In her non-work hours, Danyelle enjoys spending time with family and being able to sit down and read a good book.
Elizabeth Charles
Colleen Davies
Grasshoppers Lead Teacher
Colleen lives in New Holland with her four children. Of her eleven years in the education field, ten have been here at Kinder-Haus. Colleen earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a minor in Writing. Colleen enjoys watching children experience things for the first time. She also likes seeing the joy that comes to their faces when they learn something new. At home, Colleen enjoys playing card games with her kids, reading, and drinking COFFEE!
Alyssa Davison
Alyssa joined our team in January, 2020. She is currently pursuing a double major in Communications and Biblical Studies at Lancaster Bible College. She loves kids and enjoys watching them develop new skills and grow in their personalities. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys playing games, eating ice cream, and spending time with friends and family.
Jamie Hartman
Grasshoppers Assistant Teacher
Jamie’s 22 years in the education field (4+ of those years at Kinder-Haus) has included working with school-age children, young children, and children with special needs. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Jamie understands that each child brings to the classroom ideas and experiences from which the other children can learn and grow. She enjoys the excitement and energy that the children bring to her class! Outside of work, Jamie enjoys spending time outside with her family, running, and working with pottery.
Maddie Logic
Maddie is a high school English teacher at Oxford Area High School. This is her third summer at Kinder-Haus. She is beyond excited for all the fun things planned for this summer. 
Dakota Lutz
Butterflies Lead Teacher
Dakota started working at Kinder-Haus in December of 2018. She is the leader teacher of the older tweenies/younger toddlers (Butterflies) classroom. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from HACC. Something she loves about her job is being able to watch the children grow and develop every day. She enjoys getting to teach the kids new tasks and have a bunch of fun with playing. Outside of work, Dakota is a huge fan of rock concerts, and going to the movies. She babysits occasionally and loves spending time with her family.
Amanda Martin
Ladybugs Assistant Teacher/Floater
Amanda has worked for 2 years in the Early Childhood Education field; most of that time has been spent at Kinder-Haus. When asked what she enjoys most about working with children, Amanda said, “All the hugs!” When Amanda is not working, she enjoys reading and spending time outside.
Deanna Morris
Kitchen Assistant/Floater
Deanna has been working in the kitchen since November, 2019; however, her children have attended Kinder-Haus since 2013. In her leisure time, Deanna enjoys being with her family and going on vacation to the beach and mountains.


Taylor Ortlip-Wilson
K-3rd Lead Teacher
Taylor has worked at Kinder-Haus for almost three years. When working with the children, she enjoys seeing it “click” when the children begin to grasp a new skill or concept. She also appreciates their imaginations and listening to them tell stories! Taylor enjoys hiking and spending time with her daughter.
Jami Padden

Jennifer Rhinier
Butterflies Assistant Teacher/Floater
Jenn began caring for children when she was 11 years old and continued caring for children in her home for many years before coming to Kinder-Haus in 2018. Jenn’s educational plans include getting her CDA. Jenn has enjoyed seeing (1) the infants reach important milestones during their first year of life, (2) toddlers learning and becoming “big kids,” and (3) preschoolers as they begin to get ready for Kindergarten. Outside of work, Jenn enjoys spending time with her 3 boys and attending family get togethers.
Emily Sterner
Emily joined our team in August of 2019. Since starting at Kinder-Haus, Emily has worked in each classroom as a floater, getting to know all of the kids individually. This fall, she will primarily be in the infant classroom, Ladybugs. She loves that these kids are all so caring. They constantly are making her smile and laugh throughout the day. Outside of work, Emily spends loads of times with her family, enjoyed game nights and reading. 
Hailee Stoltzfus
Bizzy Bees Classroom Assistant
Hailee is new to the early childhood education field, having joined our staff in February, 2020. She has a genuine love for children and enjoys seeing their faces when they begin to understand or learn something new. She also likes watching children talk and interact with each other. She says, “They are just a lot of fun!” Hailee enjoys sports and spending as much time with college friends as she can.
Jocilynn Treadway
Jocilynn has been with Kinder-Haus for almost 2 years. She loves working with the children and enjoys watching them grow. When Jocilynn isn’t working, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her puppy, Macey.
Audrian Weaver
Tweeny & Toddlers Floater
Audrian joined our staff in June of 2020. She recently got married to her high school sweetheart. Due to Covid-19, they had to postpone their honeymoon, but bought two Golden Doodles, Toby and Oakley. Audrian enjoys outdoor activities and catching up with friends. She has always loved working with kids. For 6 months, she moved to Jamaica and Africa to work with children. Audrian is very much looking forward to getting to know all of your children.
Amanda Whirt
Caterpillars Assistant Teacher




Amber Whirt
Ladybugs Lead Teacher
Amber has been working here since 2012. She has two precious daughters. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her girls and drink iced coffee. Amber loves to care for and get to know each baby, as they develop and grow.
Autumn Zook
Fireflies Assistant Teacher
Autumn has been on staff at Kinder-Haus since December, 2019. She loves being able to help each child learn and grow and enjoys seeing the progress that the children make from the beginning to the end of the year. She also finds satisfaction in seeing the pride on the children’s faces when they learn something new. Autumn is mom to two girls, Ava (7) and Norah (2); both girls attend Kinder-Haus.