Technical Ministries

It takes a lot of dedicated people to run the Worship Department successfully. It is through the cooperation of the Technical Ministries that we are able to keep our operations running smoothly. Unless the technical aspects of our services are held to the highest standards, it doesn’t matter what we are trying to communicate, it will be lost. The Technical Ministries team is committed to serving Christ and the church by providing the multimedia support necessary to minister and reach out to our church community. At New Holland Church of the Nazarene, the technical team is made up of the following ministries. If you are attending our church and feel the Lord’s calling to these ministries,  contact the church office at 717-355-7800.
Lighting Ministry
Lighting and special effects play a very important role in the Worship Department.  The Worship Department presents several musicals throughout the year.  It is the responsibility of the Lighting Technicians, working with the music and drama teams, to design and operate the lighting effects that illuminate the drama and help to tell a story.  Our stage lighting is controlled through computer software which allows our operators free reign with their creativity.  It enables them to enhance the viewing of our productions by aiming lights, creating patterns, and mixing colors.
Sound Ministry
Our Sound Technicians are responsible for operation of all audio equipment for worship services, musical productions, and special events. This is a very vital ministry in assisting the Pastor and Worship Department to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Two Sound Technicians operate our sound system for each service. One technician operates a 48 channel mixing console for the house system, and a second, operates a 16 channel mixer used for recording.
Graphics Ministry
The Graphics Ministry is responsible for operation of the projection system. Computer software is used to project song lyrics, sermon notes, video clips, and church announcements on our large screens during services and musical productions. This ministry plays a vital role in displaying various types of media that allows the congregation to enter into a deeper and more interactive worship experience.