COVID-19 UPDATE ~ MAY 30, 2020


Since Governor Wolf announced yesterday that all remaining Pennsylvania counties in the “red” phase (including Lancaster County) will be moved to the “yellow” phase, Kinder-Haus will re-open on Monday, June 15. During the week of June 8, Kinder-Haus staff will participate in meetings and work groups to make sure our classrooms and building and grounds are ready to welcome families on the 15th. 


The last 2.5 months have been very challenging, both emotionally and financially. We are excited to re-open our facility and get back to “normal,” but please know that we will be implementing some new procedures and policies until further notice in order to keep our children, families, and staff safe and healthy.


Before clicking on the link below, I encourage you to review the following items carefully:


  • Kinder-Haus is licensed by the state of Pennsylvania; therefore, we are required to comply with Department of Human Services (DHS) regulations. Our rules and regulations are different from those of public schools, most of whom are licensed with the PA Department of education.
  • We have all had different experiences with COVID-19 over the last couple of months; therefore, we have very different thoughts and levels of concern regarding the virus. As the director, I have been instructed to implement policies and procedures in accordance with the Center for Disease Control guidelines, while at the same time maintaining compliance with DHS regulations.
  • The policies and procedures that we will implement starting on June 15 are not “set in stone.” We are walking into unchartered territory; I will be evaluating and changing policies and procedures as needed in order to serve our families in the safest and most efficient way.
  • These new policies and procedures will be in place only as long as necessary.
  • Lastly, please understand that much time and effort has been put into writing the policies and procedures that will be implemented beginning June 15. However, as we all have different views regarding COVID-19, we will all have different views regarding the information outlined below. If you do not agree with what we are planning to implement, I respectfully ask that you consider not bringing your child to Kinder-Haus until you are comfortable and in agreement with decisions that have been made. 


School Closure Update – April 24, 2020
Kinder-Haus remains CLOSED and will not re-open until Governor Wolf gives permission to do so.
Because Kinder-Haus has remained closed for a few weeks, several parents have asked about fall session sign-ups, which were originally scheduled for March 23 – 27, 2020. Once we re-open, we will schedule fall sign-ups for current Kinder-Haus families before opening enrollment to community families. Families will be notified of sign-ups on our Facebook and web pages; in addition, a notice will be posted at the Kinder-Haus entrance, and published in the parent newsletter (“Comments from Kim”).
If you paid tuition for March 18-20, you have been given a credit for that amount, as we were closed beginning March 18. Your account will continue to have a credit balance until we re-open and resume charging tuition. If you have a question regarding your account, please call the office at 717-355-7801 and leave a message. Voicemail is checked every week, and your call will be returned. You may also email me at
Be safe and healthy ~
Kim Weller, Director
COVID-19 Update – April 9, 2020

Dear Parents,


Thank you all for your patience as we have waited for approval/denial of our exemption request.

We received approval to open the center for essential parents/children. However, after thoughtful consideration and discussion with Pastor Steve, Deb, and the Church Board, the decision has been made to remain closed until Governor Wolf directs schools and/or businesses to re-open.


The following are the main reasons for this decision:


Concern for the health of children and staff

Research has shown that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (1) can live on some surfaces for up to 5 days and (2) is easily passed from an infected person by coughing and/or sneezing.  In addition, according to research, an individual can be carrying the virus without showing any symptoms. Because we work with young children, many of whom are still learning proper hygiene practices, we feel there is an increased chance of someone in the center becoming ill, in spite of diligent cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting efforts by the staff.


 Concern for the financial wellbeing of the center

Although the concern for finances pales in comparison to that mentioned above, we do need to take into account that, if we were to re-open and provide care for children of “essential” parents only, we would be operating at much less than full capacity, which would quickly produce a negative effect on the center.


While we appreciate the extreme burden this decision places on our families, we believe remaining closed until it is deemed safe to re-open for all children is the best course of action.


Please be assured that you will receive notification from a member of the Kinder-Haus leadership team as soon as a re-open date has been approved by Governor Wolf.


Please feel free to contact me at or call the center at 717-355-7801 with comments, questions, or concerns. If you call the center, please leave a voice message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Stay healthy,


Kim Weller, Director

Steve Kindt, Lead Pastor, New Holland Church of the Nazarene

New Holland Church of the Nazarene Board of Directors

Coronavirus Update – March 17, 2020


Kinder-Haus Families:


After much prayer and discussion, and following Governor Wolf’s press

conference on Monday afternoon, New Holland Church of the Nazarene is

announcing that Kinder-Haus will be open on Tuesday, March 17, normal

hours (6:15 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.), but will be CLOSED starting at 5:30 p.m. on

March 17 for a period of approximately two weeks, due to the Coronavirus

(COVID-19); toward the end of the closure, we will reassess the situation

and review the latest information from health officials as we decide the

best course of action moving forward.

**Tuition will be charged for March 16 & 17 only and will not be charged

for days that Kinder-Haus is closed due to COVID-19.


Thank you.


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